Hey so you’re probably here because you want to talk to us, well ok fine let me give you our e-mail address.

CPG Crew

Nerd Rage Crew

Andrew Fultz, Kingperrin1     – andrewfultz@crossplatformgamers.com

Ben Suri, Curdle_Sanders        – bensuri@crossplatformgamers.com

Andrew Moore, Biocall13        – andrewmoore@crossplatformgamers.com

John Brainard, JohnBrainard – johnbrainard@crossplatformgamers.com

Hunter Jackson, Wolfie             -hunterjackson@crossplatformgamers.com

Cross Console Chat

PSN: munkyman220, XBL: The Munkyman

Tyler Stokes
PSN: cpn-hook89

Stephen Taylor – stephentaylor@crossplatformgamers.com
PSN: Servant_-of-_God