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Written by Jake Krell What is Echo Prime? Echo Prime is a side scrolling ‘beat ‘em up” styled game. It is made by Robot Entertainment, the same developers of the much loved Orcs Must Die! It started off on the mobile platforms and has been redesigned and revamped for its PC debut. The primary premise of the game revolves around a tear in the multi-dimensional fabric of the universe. This tear allows your Hero to link up with other heroes […]

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Take a magical trip back to Christmas of ’13 before the epic Steam sales and hustle and bustle of the holidays. What? You say Christmas ’13 was only three weeks ago? Well what do you expect this is a free show!!! The guys discuss news and what they have been playing. Here is the link

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Full Bore is an open world puzzle platformer made by Whole Hog games. You take on the visage of either Fredrick the boar or Hildi the sow and plummet (quite literally) into the game. If you’re looking for a linear or by the book story line, you won’t find it here. You get very little to go by outside of a mini tutorial of what buttons do what. After you take a plunge and finish the tutorial, your boar of […]

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I still remember the day when the “no ghost” logo appeared on the cover of Game Informer magazine. I couldn’t believe that there was going to be a new game that revolved around my favorite movie franchise. As I read the article, I knew that there was no way I was going to think that this was going to be a bad game. The mechanics of catching ghosts seemed like it would make you feel like you were actually trying […]

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The same year as Nintendo was releasing all of their Ghostbusters 2 games, Sega decided to release its own Ghostbusters game not related to the second movie. In this game, the Ghostbusters (minus Winston for some reason) have been slow with business after the defeat of Gozer the Gozerian. However, an earthquake happens in New York and paranormal activity picks up again. They get called out to a house and sweep it clean picking up a piece of a tablet […]

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Ghostbusters 2 for Nintendo’s Game Boy was released the same year as the NES game. It was also published by Activision, but there was a second company named HAL Laboratory that also worked on the release. HAL would go on to release such classics like Earthbound on the SNES and the Smash Brothers series on Nintendo consoles. It’s also important to note, that HAL was able to release a Ghostbusters 2 game on NES across the pond called New Ghostbusters […]

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After the Walking Dead’s critically acclaimed success, Telltale Games had quiet the shoes to fill with their next  game. Interesting enough they haven’t rolled right into Season 2 of their hit series the Walking Dead, but instead have opted to try their hand at bringing another Comic series into the digital space. Can Telltale have lightening strike twice? The Wolf Among Us is based of of the comic series Fables. The premises is that fairy tale characters are real and […]

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Ghostbusters 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System was released by Activision in 1990, just shortly after the release of the movie. If you read my review of the first Ghostbusters game, you’d know that that game was a very poor showing for the boys in grey. Could Ghostbusters 2 do any better? Yes, but much like the actual movie, not enough to wow me. There are definite improvement to this game than the Atari clone we were given in 1988, […]

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Welcome to Ghostbusters Month! This month I’m dedicating my reviews to one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Most people see the iconic “no ghost” logo and the nostalgia instantly kicks in. Ghostbusters still plays a major role in my life. My love for the movie has evolved just as I have as a person. As I child I was mesmerized by the special effects and how cool the ghosts look, especially the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man […]

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Amnesia the Dark Descent was a special game for me for several reason. First, was it was the first game I ever received to review from a publisher. It helped me realize asking for and reviewing games could be a legitimate hobby.  Second, it was a genre changing game. At the time the survival horror genre  hadn’t experienced anything like it before, and since it’s release many games have tried to emulates Amnesia’s mechanics and atmosphere.  Third, it was truly […]

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