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It’s been a long time since the last Parent Gamer, and frankly it’s because my son loves playing games I’ve already mentioned. He goes between playing Skyrim, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja most of the time. Recently, I picked up a fun little indie game called Snuggle Truck during the Humble Indie Android 2 Bundle. Snuggle Truck was a game I had been looking to try out for a while and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick it up.  Essentially, the object of […]

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This weeks Parent Gamer is going to be a slight departure from “gaming” per say. Although, gaming related I’m turning my accusing glances at everyone’s favorite whipping boy, the Media! There I was flipping through the kids section of Netflix instant watch, when my son shouts out, “Look Daddy, Super Mario Brothers!” Sure enough it the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. The funny thing about this it that I’ve never played Mario games around him, nor did I think he […]

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Since “beating” Skyrim, I’ve taken to modding my game, which I suggest everyone do if you have a the PC verison. The modding community is crazy talented and puts out great content. I loaded  one of the most recent mods I downloaded and was testing it out, when my 2 year old son came along. Unable to shoo him away I put him on my lap and introduced him to the world of Skyrim. I figured my time was limited […]

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  It was your typical food shopping day except it was Thanksgiving and everyone and their grandmother was at the grocery store loading up for the  holiday. Along with increased amounts of people at the store that day, the grocery was also getting ready for the holiday shopping season and had oddly placed impulse buy racks throughout the store, because nothing says I love you honey better than a gift bought at a grocery store.  One such center was a box filled with Angry Birds plush […]

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Last week I shared a positive experience gaming with my son. This week I’m going to the other end of the spectrum. This is a story that makes me feel like “one of those parents”. You know the type, the kind that lets their seven year old play GTA and God of War. Now what I did wasn’t that bad, but within that same vein. Anyways, on with the story. Sitting in my “man corner” I was enjoying a game […]

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If you are 20-35 years old you’re  part of a special generation that has grown up with gaming and video games. Starting off as a subculture in arcades for “nerdy” people, gaming has bloomed into a major part of mainstream culture with gaming references making their way into modern sitcoms and grossing millions of dollars a year. We’ve started as little boys(or girls) playing at our friends house on the weekend to having little boys or girls of our own, and we […]

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