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Many will argue that Skyim is one of the most immersive and engrossing games on the market today. Bethesda did a great job creating a game world that feels alive and enchanting, outdoing the other titles in the Elder Scrolls franchise. This weeks MGS adds another layer of life and depth to the game that is sure to pull you into the world of Skyrim even more. I’ll be focusing on two mods this week. The first is Sounds of […]

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Ever wander the open lands of Skyrim and ponder that the field before you would be a great place for a battle? Ponder no more my friends, and enjoy this epic battle video created using mod’s you yourself can download and install! [youtube][/youtube] Created using Midas Magic – Spells in Skyrim Skyrim NPC Editor Skyrim Photography Toolkit – Weather Control and Lenses   Well that was awesome, but a battle like that is going  to take some clever maniupaltion of […]

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It’s been awhile since the last MGS, which I apologize for, the hiatus hasn’t been for a lack of content. Patch 1.4 came out for Skyrim a few weeks ago. Of course, it patched out some bugs, but the big deal about this patch, is in Steam it added Workshop support as well as made the Creation Kit  materials available to the community.  With an already active modding community, these  additions have only acted as a catalyst propelling Skyrim to crazy levels […]

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Last week I talked about a mod that added variety to enemies and combat encounters, this week I’ll be talking about a two mods that adds variety to the weapons you’ll find throughout the game. If you have played Elder Scroll games you are already familiar with the basic groups of weapons dagger, sword, ax, etc. Weapons of the Third Era essentially creates more weapons types to try to add some diversity to the game. Most of the weapons the […]

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This edition of MGS focuses on a mod that will change enemy spawns and make the land of Skyrim feel more populated, it’s called Wars in Skyrim IV My favorite mods are usually simple ones that add something to the game that just makes sense. Wars in Skyrim IV is one such mod. Essentially, it creates more spawn points for enemies to spawn at, increasing the chance of having more random encounters as you travel. What spawns at the spawn […]

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Welcome to the latest edition of MGS. This week I’ll be covering a cool mod that lets you truly bring dragon shouts to life with ThuuMic. ThuuMic is a new Skyrim mod that lets adds mic support to Skyrim allowing you to actually “shout” your dragon shouts. This mod just makes sense, and almost seems like it’s something that Bestheda should have included to make Skyrim even more awesome. The mod take a little more install work than your typical mods, and […]

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If you own Skyrim, you’ve probably spent hours on end completing the game and every little side quest you find. A question you might have is, ” Now what?” Well,  it’s time to mod your game – of course, that is if you have a PC copy of Skyrim. The Modders Guide to Skyrim will be a semi-weekly guide to the latest and greatest the Skyrim modding community has to offer. Sit back and enjoy as we travel the world of Skyrim […]

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