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For being released in 2007, Crysis still holds up remarkably well. Now that system specs are affordable compared to when the game released, it’s a PC treasure you should go back and enjoy on all the highest settings.  Due to the games age and amazing graphics engine Crysis has generated a large and active modding community. The featured Mod in this edition of Modded is VietCry. Like the name implies the campaign revolves around the Vietnam War.  This german designed mod puts […]

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Indie games have in recent years  grown into a massive sub-section of gaming. Also within the past few years Indie games have started to find mainstream success with titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Orcs Must Die, and Super Meat Boy. Steam Greenlight has only increased the fervor of getting your game “noticed”. Even this early in the year I’ve done several reviews of games vying for exposure on Greenlight. With such a large market  and the possible potential to “make it big” […]

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Welcome to the first edition to Modded. My hopes for this featured series is to highlight cool mods and freebie  PC games on the internet. Mods are an unique feature to PC gaming that rival and at times outdo the source material they stem from in terms of creativity and design.Take for example the mod DayZ. It’s popularity and new concepts of gameplay has spawned it’s very own standalone product, as well as a shotty “clone” product. Modding within the PC community is a […]

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 (When you enter the virtual world you want as much of the real you as you can to take part. Asymmetrical gameplay is a way of playing to your strengths and taking advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.) Everyone has an intrinsic way they love to fight or compete. Asymmetrical Gameplay takes advantage of that. People that love weapons or magical powers that give them faster attack will gladly play that way even if it means having to play with less […]

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 (Sometimes Game Developers think they’re making games for rats rather than Humans. We’re quite a bit more pickier and are a little more complex.) It’s very hard to pinpoint all the reasons a game is good. Sometimes what makes it good for one person has no effect on another. It seems like the best way of figuring out how to make a good game is to look at the ways of ruining a game and then analyze how game designers […]

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I just recently got done watching the new trailer for The Last of Us, and wow am I excited for this game. The one problem I have with it so far is it is a ps3 exclusive. I guess I will have to deal with it. Anyways I actually wanted to write something pertaining to E3 once again. However this article will be a little different. I wanted to ask a question that I think everyone has a little different […]

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I have been silent that past few days, but my fingers are now itching to write something. That is the problem though, what should I write about. I have not been following E3 this year due to the fact that life has been super busy, and also because we are going to have a big show at the end highlighting all the real big news. So shockingly enough the article that is written during E3 will have nothing to do […]

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This edition of ACT is going to revolve around the frustrations of PC gaming. This article came to me late last night when I went to get on Diablo III with my good gaming buddy John. As I started up Diablo III, a screen came up telling me I needed to update the game. Apparently, from the last time I had played the game, a patch had come out to address some of the problems with the game. I told  John about a […]

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Today, before I was getting ready for work, I decided it was time to play some baseball. Since the start of the baseball season, I have really been into my MLB 2K11 game. I currently play second base for the Reds, who, if you did not know, are the best team in baseball. Yes, that is right MunkyMan. I am having a killer season so far. I am about 100 games into the 160 game season. I currently have a batting average of .420 […]

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This article is the start of what will hopefully become a daily article on the CPG website. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Andrew Fultz. Most people here call me by my gamertag: Kingperrin or Fultzie. The point of this daily article is to provide a mishmash of news, reviews, and life stories because, if you listen to my podcast, you know that I am the most hilarious person ever. So, to start this […]

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