For being released in 2007, Crysis still holds up remarkably well. Now that system specs are affordable compared to when the game released, it’s a PC treasure you should go back and enjoy on all the highest settings.  Due to the games age and amazing graphics engine Crysis has generated a large and active modding community. The featured Mod in this edition of Modded is VietCry. Like the name implies the campaign revolves around the Vietnam War.  This german designed mod puts you right in the middle of the conflict, stripping you of modern luxuries of a Nanosuit and modern weaponry. The mod focuses instead on the fundamentals of a FPS.  Health is a resource players now have to find, weapons are only glean from the bodies of falling enemies or guarded outposts. The mod does a great jump of humanizing you as a solider. You’re no longer the government’s super solider, but just an average guy trying to survive. Below is a photo journal of my survival through the first level of the mod. Enjoy the narrative of how I narrowly escape death in the battlefields of Viet Nam.

crysis 2013-02-16 18-13-48-77

I’m a soldier enjoying the beautiful scenery of Viet Nam conversing with my fellow soldiers in German (did I mention it’s a German made Mod) as we are driving to the our outpost in a troop transport.  When suddenly the truck explodes sending me flying out of the back. Shaken I stand up and am amazed I’m unhurt, as my health bar clearly says 100%( I know it’s a video game). I see a burning truck in the distance and run over to it looking for my squad mates. I only find two bodies and neither of them have weapons. I curse the quartermaster that let us go on patrol without weapons and start walking down the road.

crysis 2013-02-16 18-15-19-23

Walking for a few minutes I find a small peasant pick axe. It’s no gun but will have to do.  I walk down the road some more and see two patrolling guards.  Crouching down in the bushes I wait my time to strike. One walks down the road toward me. In a flash, I jump out of the bushes and clobber him to death, he curses at me in german before dying, (again a german made mod). My actions have alerted his companion who opens fire on me. Like a mad man I run towards him taking several bullets before I’m upon him. A couple swings and he his down. Checking his body I recover an empty Colt pistol. Just my luck, he emptied it at me before I killed him. I double back to find the first guard with a loaded AK47. He never got a chance to fire it.

crysis 2013-02-16 18-16-46-25

I’m badly hurt from the pistol rounds I took, but I grab the AK and head off into the forest with a new found hope now that I have a gun.

crysis 2013-02-16 18-19-35-72

After walking through the forest for a few minutes I stumble upon a small outpost with three guards outside just shooting the breeze. Crouching down I sight them in with my rifle. Knowing I only have one magazine, I have to be precise with my shots. I open fire. I take out two almost instantly. The third spins around looking into the forest trying to locate where the gunfire came from.  I send a few more rounds towards him to show him where they came from. He drops.

crysis 2013-02-16 18-21-50-52

After downing the guards I leap from my cover in the forest and speed it over into the small house they were guarding. Inside a health kit with an AK47 and ammo sit inside on a bed. Grabbing up the items I’m now fully healed and have more confidence with the extra ammo I picked up. I turn and look out a window to see an addition group of guards just standing out in the open.  Taking the opportunity to catch them off guard I open fire from inside the house. Within moments they are all dead. I reload my AK and notice a two man patrol running down the road towards me and they open fire hitting me with a few rounds. Turning I fire several rounds down the road. I kill one of the guards, and manage to hit the second.  Panicked he turns and runs back up the road.  After waiting for moment with my gun trained on the road and seeing no moment, I go outside and grab ammo from the guards I killed to get inside of the house. Picking them clean, I head over to the opening with the other set of guards.

crysis 2013-02-17 17-46-26-39

In the open dirt area, I search the bodies of the fallen guards for ammo and enter a house off to the left they were apparently guarding. Raiding it, I finding more ammo and some grenades. I notice I’m hurt badly from the previous gun fight, and curse that I can’t seem to catch a break. A tortoise crawls out from a pond near by. In a moment of weakness I take out my frustration  on the endangered species.

crysis 2013-02-17 17-47-45-06

Pushing through the 2nd house into the forest I enter a cave. Knowing the Viet Cong frequently used caves as bases and places of refuge I slowly walk down the corridor looking down the sights of my rifle.

crysis 2013-02-17 17-50-42-98

I find a secret passage way to the future, created by the developers promoting another Crysis Mod they are working on. After my mind explodes at the thought of time traveling. I find a futuristic weapon branded with the name of the Crysis Mod. Sighting not being consistent with “game lore”, I put it back and continue on. If only my conscious had acted sooner, that tortoise would still be alive!

crysis 2013-02-17 17-56-57-21

Leaving the caves I find myself in a open area looking out towards some mountains, a jet screams overhead napalming the mountain in the distance. For some insane reason I’m told that flaming mountain is my escape.  I take a deep breath and head out towards the burning death. A jeep pulls down the road and stops directly in front of the direction I was head. I crouch down and see two guards jump out.

crysis 2013-02-17 17-57-42-89

From my hidden location, I lob a grenade down to the jeep. The guards didn’t even let out an alarm before the grenade explodes moving the truck off the road and killing all the guards. I raid what I can from their bodies.

crysis 2013-02-17 17-59-50-64

Further down the road I see a small yurt, I almost go right by it, but decide to check it out. I’m rewarded with a health pack and body armor. I feel like a real soldier now.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-01-39-76

Another convoy sits on the road ahead. I go prone and crawl up as close as I can to throw another grenade.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-02-52-22

I’m spotted this time. I toss a grenade at the jeep and run for cover behind a thick tree. I wait and hear the explosion and screams from the jeep and it’s guards. I pop out from behind the tree and see a guard running in my direction. With a few bursts of my AK he slumps to the ground. I’m Death Incarnate!

crysis 2013-02-17 18-06-29-40

I travel down the road some more and come to a village. The village is guarded by a machine gun emplacement and numerous patrolling guards. Feeling a rush from the last two guard convoys I took out I go prone in the grass. Taking a deep breath, I start my assault on the village by taking out the guard at the machine gun.  In rapid succession, I engaged the panicked guards scrambling about in the village streets. They don’t appear to know where I’m firing from and all head for cover. I lay and wait unsure of how many guards are within the village. Periodically, a guard runs from cover into the street and is met with my rifle fire. They either die or run back to safety. I wait several minutes  more and all is quiet. I run into the village and raid a house for ammo. The yelling of guards can be heard approaching the house. Rifle fire sounds with the tearing and ripping of wood as  bullets spray the house. I run out of the house and steal a Jeep peeling out of the village.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-13-12-55

Peeling down the road I’m pumped. Escape is sure to be soon. I’ve gone from killing guards with a pick ax just to survive to blowing up convoys and harassing enemy villages and stealing their vehicles.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-15-08-97

What happens next is I become the road scourge of Viet Nam. Driving from outpost to outpost I roll in at full speed light up the place with 50 cal fire from my jeep mounted machine gun. After I’ve wiped the outpost out I raid it and move on to the next. Doing this several times I acquire full ammo, health, and armor as well as grabbing an M16 to replace my  AK47.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-23-09-21

Several raided outposts later, I’m nearly to my destination. These road obstacles prevent me from driving further. I’ll have to go the rest of the way on foot. I see the burning forest before me. I take a deep breath and prepare for the final push to safety.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-24-00-26

Running past the barricades  I notice a patrol off guards off to my left. I crouch down and prepare to engage, but then hesitate. I don’t have to go directly past or near them. I take the chance they don’t see me and take off towards the burning forest. My gamble pays off. They didn’t seem to notice me as I’m storming through the fiery death zone. My salvation is just on the other side.

crysis 2013-02-17 18-36-25-37

And I made it home! As epic as this story was it’s just the first level of VietCry! If you have Crysis sitting around collecting dusk, check out his mod. I’ve had more fun with it then the original Crysis game!

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