Indie games have in recent years  grown into a massive sub-section of gaming. Also within the past few years Indie games have started to find mainstream success with titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Orcs Must Die, and Super Meat Boy. Steam Greenlight has only increased the fervor of getting your game “noticed”. Even this early in the year I’ve done several reviews of games vying for exposure on Greenlight. With such a large market  and the possible potential to “make it big”  how does one get noticed? The two man team behind the game Anodyne has decided to give their game away from free, well kind of.

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This past weekend a Torrent version of Anodyne was put up on The Pirate Bay, a site commonly used for internet piracy. However, Anodyne wasn’t the run of the mill pirated upload, but was officially added to the site along with being a sponsored advertisement on the sites homepage. The move was part of a campaign started by the developer to get their game noticed. Why give your game away from free? Essentially they made their game to be enjoyed and wanted other to enjoy their creation. They stated that not everyone would have money to buy the game so they released it on Pirate Bay for others to enjoy it and spread the word about it. As as part of the Pirate Bay Promo they also included the ability to pay what you want for the game if you felt so inclined. Paying players would get the game DRM-Free for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as a Desura Key, and I’m sure a Steam Key pending Greenlit status.  An additional option to buy the soundtrack was also made available.  It’s a interesting and daring move for a developer to give their game away on Pirate Bay. Time will tell if will have paid off.

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By now you’re all thinking, Ok is the game any good? I personally had low expectation for it, but after downloading the torrent I was pleasantly surprised. The story is kind of strange as the game apparently takes place in the main characters subconscious, but is the typical stop the bad guy from ruling the world story. Of course you’re the chosen one, so it’s up to you and you head out on your quest to vanquish evil. Gameplay is a mashup of Zelda style combat with Adventures of Lolo style puzzles.  It’s a fun mix. Typically all enemies must be killed to unlock  a gate to let you to the next area. This is accomplished either through combat or some creative problem solving. The large map of the game offers quiet a bit to explore and shows there is  depth to the game then initially thought.  Overall, I was impressed.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. The developers want you to play their game. Check out the torrent page and grab it.  Be sure to check out Anodyne’s Greenlight page and give them an upvote as well!



Curdle_Sanders On February - 17 - 2013

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