Platformers now days have seemed to shift into a hyper twitch genre,  with titles like Dust Force and Super Meat Boy focusing  on punishing difficulty and precise muscle memory. Oozi: Earth adventure is not one of those platformers. Instead Oozi is a modernization of the classic retro platformers we all grew up on. It’s not flashy or innovating to the genre, but a solid enjoyable platformer.

Oozi: Earth Adventure focuses on Oozi, a peaceful space alien. While piloting his space ship on a routine delivery his ship runs out of gas sending it plummeting to earth. Smashing into the earth, he is ejected from his ship with his space suit ripping to pieces. Oozi’s quest is to collect the pieces of his space suit and find his ship to return space. The story is nothing spectacular, but then again Mario never won awards for it’s narrative either.

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It’s all standard platforming fare

Gameplay is pretty start forward borrowing from more classic platformers. Oozi can run and jump. Enemies are killed by jumping on them. Later in the game Oozi find additional pieces of his suit and will gain access to different abilities. His space pants allow Oozi to double jump and do a ground pound ability useful for accessing new areas on a level and killing certain tougher enemies. His space gloves will allow him to grip walls and perform wall jumps as well as punch stunned enemies turning them into projectiles.  Oozi is given two hearts with the option of earning additional hearts every 2000 points earned. Points are earn by collecting stars.  For completionist, each level has 5 secret stars that will unlock special challenge levels. It’s standard platforming fare.

Levels are pretty straightforward but do have some alternative paths or areas to explore if players are wanting to find the hidden stars or collect some extra points. Checkpoints throughout levels help ease frustration when players die and the game does a good job of balancing frustration and fun. When you die it is frustrating, but not too the point where you want to give up. Difficult in the game is pretty fair and has enough challenge to make the game feel fun but not too easy.

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Collecting secret stars unlock extra challenge levels

Oozi: Earth Adventure,  in addition to it’s story mode, also has a challenge and arcade mode. These modes are for the more hardcore platformers. Challenge mode gives players levels with a certain criteria to accomplish like kill all enemies in X amount of time or collect all stars in X amount of time and so forth. Arcade mode challenges players to collect as many stars as possible in a certain amount of time and scores players accordingly. Both challenge levels and arcade level are unlocked by completing story levels.

As mentioned at the start of the review Oozi Earth Adventures doesn’t reinvent the platforming wheel, but delivers a simple and satisfying plaforming experience that hearkens back to the classic age of platformers.   The game is a great change of pace from games with multiple button control and complex mechanics. If you are wanting to introduce your children to videogames or just enjoy the simple pleasure of jumping on enemies to kill them instead of filling them with lasers or bullets, Oozi Earth Adventure is a solid enjoyable experience.

The game features a streak of humor throughout it

The game features a streak of humor throughout it

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