Combine the speed and platforming precision of  Super Meat Boy, add to it some competitive racing mechanics, and infuse the mashup with Dubstep and you have Rush Bros.  The premise of the game is simple, race through the 30 levels as fast as you can. In singleplayer, the game tracks your time and will populate the level with a ghost image to give players an incentive to try to speed through the level faster than before. The game however seem to be geared more towards competitive play. It’s called Rush Bros after all, not Rush Single Child.  The multiplayer aspect of the game is similar to singleplayer, but now instead of racing your own ghost  you’re competing with another player. Adding some chaos into the mix, your opponent can grab powerups that will hinder your progress like reversing gravity, switching your controls, and turning out all the lights on your level. Conversely, you also can grab the same powerups to harass them as well as picking up temporary benefits to help you such as speed boosts and a temporary double jump ability. Being a musically themed game, the music manipulates different variables in the environment. The effect is usually subtle and will make platforms or objects move faster or slower, depending on the music’s tempo. I noticed a bass speaker in a level that was pulsing sound waves from it. At first I thought it was just an level decoration, but playing the level again with music that had deeper bass I noticed the sound waves emanating  from it were larger and actually had force that pushed my character.RushBrothers 2013-02-02 11-05-40-65

On the topic of music the game comes with three dubsteb tracks, I enjoyed them but I have a certain affinity to the genre. If you absolutely hate dubsteb all is not lost, as you can import your own music. The prospect sounds wonderful, but I had some difficulties doing this. The UI to import your music is pretty bare bones and reminded me of browsing through windows explorer. I thought it best to just move music into the default starting directory which was the Rush Bros folder. Once I could locate my music it’s importation was dodgy. Sometimes songs would import and sometimes they would not. The game never gave me any feedback or input on if it accepted music. Several times I purposely clicked import on a song multiple times just to be sure it worked to still not have it import. On the flipside, if you do manage to get a track to import, it’s remembered and you don’t have to deal with the process again.

RushBrothers 2013-02-01 18-08-55-53

Importing music is a dodgy affair

Another disappointment I had with the game is the online integration   The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, but has not been approved.  Despite this the play online menu button displays a Steam logo. After clicking it to find a game, you’ll find none. I tried several time throughout my play time with the game and never once found a game. I don’t know if this is a feature that will be implemented using Steam Friend’s List or if no one has the game and is playing online. Players can host games, but without a friend that owns a copy and no apparent people online, I didn’t bother. The ability to not play online strips this competitive platform to split screen local only, which is extremely limiting to say the least.

RushBrothers 2013-02-02 11-06-15-35

Death by Dubstep

Rush Bros can be fun, but in it’s current state seems like an unfinished product. It could be enjoyable if you like to push and compete against yourself, but seems to have little  little lasting value or replayability  due to it’s stripped online component, unless of course you have a buddy around to play it with you.

Race to the Dubsteb here

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