Join Ben and Fultzie as they discuss the essentials needs of surviving the zombie Apocalypse and review the latest in PC gaming news:

  • Torchlight II Synergies Mod
  • Vigil Co-Founder and other Staff going to Crytek
  • Mircosoft’s Office 365
  • Epic Mickey Studio Closes
  • Update to Steam Greenlight
  • EA Pull Medal of Honor out of “Rotation”
  • Warcraft Movie gets a director
  • Value being sued by Germans over  lack license trading on Steam
  • Aliens: Colonial Marine getting Season Pass

Fultzie discusses how Sleeping Dogs would have been his GOTY if he played it a month prior, and Ben discusses how it’s awesome to be Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution.  Ben also reviews the twisted 2nd episode of Cognition as well as the  Dubstep infused platformer Rush Bros.


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Curdle_Sanders On February - 3 - 2013

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