The Twisted Metal Tournament has finally come to the PS3, and the game has changed a little. It’s still an underground contest hosted by a man known as Calypso who can grant any wish to anyone who can win his contest, but instead of choosing each individual driver and playing through their story, you now just select story mode and play as just 3 different drivers. I made it through the story in 3 sessions over the course of 2 days. Although they shortened the driver list this game still has a good amount of cars to choose from both old  and new. When you start the story you will be giving options to select 3 cars to use in your battles. This is a nice change, now instead of just looking for health when yours is low you can run into your garage and change vehicles. I found myself using the garage option for when I didn’t have the right set of wheels more than for health reasons. Now instead of just death match after death match They have added new game modes that you will have to play in the story…

Standard DeathMatch.

You fight any and all opponents, and when they are all dead you win.

Electric Cage Match.

You have to stay within the marked area while fighting, these cages will move also so you need to get to them as fast as you can. When you go out of the cage you will have a grace period before your health will start to drain. Grace periods are about 45 secs, so be fast!

Juggernaut DeathMatch.

The juggernaut is a heavy armored battle rig that will release opponents on to the map every 2 mins or so. You want to make sure you try and take out the juggernaut quickly, if you hope to survive.

Checkpoint Race.

New to Twisted Metal is checkpoint race. Pretty much what you would expect, but it always ends with a surprise.

Endurance Battle.

Keep killing until you reach the amount you need to pass. Don’t worry there will be plenty of drivers to assist you

This is what you will face in the story mode, but they it won’t be the same. As you progress through the story it gets harder and  the battles change. Good Luck! I would like to note that in the story be on the lookout for Calypso’s trophy case, a lot of memories in there,  including Kratos’s Blades and War of the Monsters, one of my all time favorite PS2 games! All and all the story was good, I must say make sure you stay to the end of the credits, because I think they may make another game based on what happens at the end

When Twisted Metal:Black came out for PS2 I thought it was one of the best looking games for that system. With this new entry, its like they took TMB and upgraded it to PS3 standards, and it looks amazing! The movement of the cars, the drivers in the cars, the weapon slots, the firing of the weapons, and even the gunners when they’re hanging out of the window holding a weapon, are all just incredible looking. Twisted Metal always had its fair share of amazing battle grounds, and with this game being PS3 you know these maps are top notch. Each map in this game has the ability to change from Small to large. They are located around the USA, but the only land mark I saw was the Statue Of Liberty and the Metro Square. Other than that, its just highways and byways, through city streets, neighborhood theaters, on rooftops, and a amusement park! Oh, and a modern day Roman Colosseum which is of Calypso’s own design. As much mayhem I found myself in trying to get away or running into the action I never not once had any slow downs or frame rate issues, its been a smooth ride. Finally the cut-scenes, they almost seem like they are out of Frank Millers movies(Sin City)I never really cared for that style,but I know others really enjoy it.  I wish they would have just stuck with cgi cut-scenes.

The sound track in this game is what you would expect for a TM game.  Comprising of mainly rock, and I will say I don’t care for Rob Zombie at all, but I did think it was kind of cool hearing one of his songs that was from an older TM game. They even have a song that I 1st heard on Back to the Future Part 2, I think its called “Can’t Do 55″ or something like that. Every tune in this game is very TM, even the tune in the main menu has a TM feel to it. If you don’t care to listen to the music of TM there is a custom soundtrack option. Although I never had a chance to use this because I don’t have music on my PS3.  I’m not sure if the custom option will work  for online gaming. The sound of cars crashing, shooting guns, missiles, and explosions, are done very well. They do have a lot of sounds from TMBlack on here. Which is fine to me as long as it sounds good,which it does. The voice acting sounds good, but can be a little over the top at times… but then again it is Twisted Metal

For TM fans they will be able to jump in no problem. When I 1st played this game it took me about to the end of the 1st battle to get a good feel for it. People new to the series may not find the controls to there liking, and may need to change the set up. The cars are very responsive, and will do what you want them too, once you’ve learned the controls. Simply put, its a Twisted Metal game. Ever since the 1st game, the controls were very hard for me. It takes time but once you get it, you feel like no one can stop you. Remember this is not a race game or a simulator, it’s Twisted Metal.

The game has online and local multiplayer  just like the games of old. This game supports 2 to 4 player split screen, and a 2 player co-op story mode, so can can play through the story with a friend, or  just blow the crap out of each other in the many game modes…. your choice. In online you can still have a friend play with you through split screen play. You just have  to log in under another account on your PS3. Also in online there are server rooms that people make and play games. You’ll have different game modes to choose from if you make a room yourself, which include the following:

  • DeathMatch
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Last Man Standing
  • Team Last Man Standing
  • Hunted
  • Team Hunted
  • Nuke

Sadly I haven’t had much time in MP. I only played about 3 games, but from what i did play it was fun. Its nice to know that some devs still incorporate local multiplayer out there, instead of just making everything online. If you have friends to play with, you will have a blast.  Anyone who wants a fast paced action online car combat game, where else would you go if not TwistedMetal… Let the games begin!

TwistedMetal has been a series I have come to know and love. The story is really bad content wise, but there are some things I find interesting in it. The main reason I always come back, is the car combat, its the best you can get, in that genre, but unless you are like me and have come to expect this, you are in for a surprise. This game is rated M for blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language. I wish they could get rid of all that stuff and just make it  fun and enjoyable for all. If you would like to get this game, but you are worried about everything in it then just remember that it has MP, and most of the worst stuff you see is in the single player cutscenes, which thankfully you can skip.

I give Twisted Metal a 9 out of 10


SOGST85 On February - 19 - 2012

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