This edition of MGS focuses on a mod that will change enemy spawns and make the land of Skyrim feel more populated, it’s called Wars in Skyrim IV

My favorite mods are usually simple ones that add something to the game that just makes sense. Wars in Skyrim IV is one such mod. Essentially, it creates more spawn points for enemies to spawn at, increasing the chance of having more random encounters as you travel. What spawns at the spawn point is also varied. You could encounter a single lone bandit,  several scimitar wielding redguards, or a pack of hunting werewolves (at night). It’s nice to see diversity added into the game as you encounter enemies you wouldn’t typically encounter, but it’s possible that not all encounters will be hostile, at least towards you. The mod also creates multiple spawns of “warring” factions. You’ll now encounter random battles in your travels. Since installing the mod, I’ve witnessed a patrol of redguards chasing down a werewolf and a giant assaulting a bandit camp. The mod also includes random “boss” character that will be tougher to kill, but drop more rewarding loot. I enjoy this mod because it makes travel throughout Skyrim more exciting, as you’ll never know what you are going to encounter now. I tend to fast travel less, because I know I’ll miss out on witnessing a small skirmish or a chance to take on a small group of bandits.

The mod comes in several different versions with each having a varied level  of difficulty. I played the normal verision of the mod, but there is also a a version called the Golden Age which will make the game more difficult by increasing the number of enemy spawns as well as the number of enemies that spawn. For the truly, hardcore there is a version called The Dark Ages which increases the difficulty even more.

I’ve really enjoyed his mod because it adds diversity and life to an already great environment. This is a mod that after you install it, going back to the original “vanilla” Skyrim would just seem dull. If you liked the random of encounters of Skyrim and want to add some variety to the game this mod is a must.

Curdle_Sanders On January - 24 - 2012

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  1. Just wandered across a Giant Frost Troll. It was frost troll the size of a giant. EPIC!!