Welcome to the latest edition of MGS. This week I’ll be covering a cool mod that lets you truly bring dragon shouts to life with ThuuMic.

ThuuMic is a new Skyrim mod that lets adds mic support to Skyrim allowing you to actually “shout” your dragon shouts. This mod just makes sense, and almost seems like it’s something that Bestheda should have included to make Skyrim even more awesome. The mod take a little more install work than your typical mods, and I honestly haven’t got it to work yet for myself, but this is just too cool of a mod to not report on.

Assuming you have everything installed and set up correctly all you’ll have to do is open up ThuuMic Shouter program, and then start your Skyrim game. Once in-game speak a dragon shout, in the dragon tongue of course, and your character will do as you shouted. This mod can really deepen your play experience just in the fact that it will allow you to switch between your shouts without ever having to navigate through a menu. The only limitation you’ll have is your own memory to remember the dragon words for your shouts, and  ThuMic Shouter gives you the ability to print a “cheat sheet” for you to reference and practice your shouts.  I’ve played around with the program out of game for a while, and it’s actually pretty good at picking up on your shouts. The program has a wide range of settings you can pick to fine tune it, and includes features such as, push to talk, and a safety feature to prevent you from causeing fights with NPC’s in town if you happen to start talking to a someone and unintentionally  cause a shout.

Although getting everthing set up and installed correctly is a little rough at the moment, this is a mod that has a lot of future potential. Adding voice commands to Skyrim would be a great mechanic to see further developed, and with the Kinect coming out for PC this year, the mind can only imagine what other intergrative and intuitive modded features we’ll start to see for Skyrim.

Below is a demonstration of the mod


Curdle_Sanders On January - 16 - 2012

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