PowerUP Heroes (PUH) is a fighting game for Kinect on Xbox 360. If you’ve ever played Street Fighter, you know what you’re getting into. The major difference is YOU are your character. Seeing your Xbox avatar, which is essentially yourself, lobbing fireballs and shooting rockets out of your shoulders is an absolut blast.

Matches are pretty simple, each suit (which are the different characters) has 3 special moves, a basic punching move and a kick. To perform the moves you have to do different actions such as cupping your hands in front of your body to shoot a fireball or raising your arms to lift a boulder from the earth and punching to send it flying at your rival. Some of them can even be chained with other moves to increase the damage dealt. The punching is exactly what it sounds like… you punch your opponent. By kicking, your avatar runs up and kicks the other player.  You’re able to punch and kick repeatedly but your opponent can try to block. If you lean left or right you can dodge attacks. When you eliminate your opponents health you destroy them. After defeating your first rival you get his suit, and from then on you can choose 2 suits to bring with you to battle and raise your left hand to switch between them. You can even chain combos between suits for huge amounts of damage.

Me as Ezio! Fear my hidden blades.

All of this works extremely well and the 20 different suits, such as a lightning, fire, psychic, soldier and even a couple cameos like Rabbit from Raving Rabids or Ezio from Assassins Creed, have great abilities that have you trying them out whenever you unlock them. A minor downside to the single player is that the story is paper thin. Bad guy attacks Earth and you need to save it. Thankfully the combat is so much fun that the story doesn’t even matter.

The multiplayer can be played locally, LAN or over Xbox Live. The local multiplayer worked okay, but I dont have the biggest room for Kinect, so I wont blame the game completely for some mistakes it picked up during this portion. I never got to play a game over XBL even after searching on multiple occasions. Not too many people have this game right now, so if your friends don’t pick it up as well, don’t plan on spending too much time here.

The major problem with PUH is the length. After about 3 hours I was completely done with the campaign and there was nothing left for me to unlock. Since none of my friends own this game, there just wasn’t anything left to do. Hopefully, they make a sequel thats even better with more suits and more to do.

This fantastic game is one I recommend renting for every Kinect owner if you’re the only one playing, but if a couple friends buy it, get this for sure.

PowerUP Heroes gets 4 jabs in the chest out of 5.

Ryan VanLiere On October - 31 - 2011

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