A week ago the last major DLC piece for Fallout New Vegas dropped. This week two minor DLC sets released. Are these smaller, cheaper packages worth the price of admission?

The Couriers Stash: $1.99

This package is a collection of armor and weapons players could get if they pre-ordered New Vegas from certain retailers. If you missed out on pre-0rdering or wanted to check out the other sets you might have missed, this DLC is your chance.  Below is a list of the armor and weapons packs you’ll get.

The Tribal Pack

Caravan Pack: Leather armor, caravan shotgun with ammo, weapon repair kits and binoculars

Classic Pack: Vault 13 jumpsuit, 10mm pistol with ammo, Vault 13 canteen and stimpacks

Mercenary Pack: Metal armor,  grenade rifle with ammo,  super stimpacks, and some doctor bags

Tribal Pack: Tribal raiding armor, broad machete,  bleak venom, and throwing spears

Players are given all these items when they first load up the game with the DLC installed, which can be  overwhelming as you’ll probably be overweight as all the items weigh about 70 pounds.  It’s neat to be able to get access to this content for those of us that didn’t pre-order the game, but all the items are just renamed editions of items players can already find in game. If you are looking for a little extra help at the start of a new character this DLC would help, but I see little other reason to get it, unless you just had to have all the pre-order bonuses.


Gun Runner’s Arsenal $3.99

Always wanted to beat people to death with a Nuka Cola sign... now you can!!

Gun Runner’s Arsenal is a little harder to pin down as far as added content. When this DLC loads, players are told that all shops throughout the Mojave have stocked their stores with new weaponry. What this means to you is that the Mojave is stocked with 27 new weapons, 40 new weapon modification, 18 new crafting recipes, and 29 new ammo types. If you thought the Mojave was a war zone before, think again. I thought the crafting and weapons in New Vegas had quite a variety selection, but now even more so. All the new weapons and items are marked GRA in stores and in your inventory so players can tell what the new content is.  Players not only have a wider range of weapons to choose from now, but also have access to deadlier weapons sooner in the game. The new content is awesome , but I just wish that they would have added one location or store that sold all the new stuff in addition to being spread across all vendors. This DLC is a great cheap way to give new life to New Vegas if you haven’t bought any of the major DLC. I’m really excited to play through the game again to see all the new goodies I find this time around! I would highly recommend this DLC to players that are thinking about a 2nd or 3rd play-through and want some more depth than the traditional New Vegas has to offer.

Pick up New Vegas first so you can grab the Courier’s Stash or Gun Runner’s Arsenal


Curdle_Sanders On October - 3 - 2011

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