I walk into the opening and see an infected gorging himself on a half eaten corpse. The quiet peaceful view outside of the hut I have been vacationing in has changed dramatically in the past 24 hours. What I once looked on with wonder and awe I now look on with horror. I look down at the plank of wood I have in my hand. Earlier in the day I put some nails in it to hopefully help take care of some of the undead horrors that have taken over the resort that I used to call home. As I run up to the zombie I jump and kick it in the head causing it to fall over and give me enough time to hit it in the head with my nail plank and end its life …. if you can even call it that. Ok, fine all I was doing was sitting at my desk drinking Mountain Dew and eating chips for dinner while playing Dead Island. However, that is what it felt like.

Dead Island,  is a new survival horror game that is part of the first person open world RPG genre. After close to 15 hours in the game, I still find it fresh and engaging. Basically the story line follows 4 people that happen to be on a resort island where overnight a zombie outbreak has overtaken most of the inhabitants. Being a resort island guns are few and far between. In fact, only in one of my games have a found a gun, and it is a 6 shooter revolver that  only had 1 bullet in. How helpful is that? However, this does not take away from the game. The melee combat in Dead Island is very satisfying. I find myself often giggling like a school girl as I chop my way through waves of zombies.

Worst vacation ever!!

I have spent a good amount of time playing both Mp and Sp, and find that for myself both are fun to play, however MP is way more fun. The other night I was playing with two other guys and while doing quests and scavenging for materials we would single out lone zombies and kick them to death like some morbid gang killing in the Bronx. I know not the nicest thing to do but we were giggling like girls. It was way too fun.

As far as content goes if you havn’t picked it up yet this is a very bloody and gory game. Zombies are continually losing limbs and having their blood splattered on about any surface in the game. Needless to say, this isn’t a game for children. There  is also quiet a few women in revealing swimsuits so keep that in mind when thinking about the content in this game.

With all of this said, I am loving this game. In my opinion, this is the first zombie game I have played that has got my adrenaline pumping in a way that when I am done I have to cool off. It is definitely worth the 50 dollar price tag and I would highly recommend it.

Kingperrin1 On September - 27 - 2011

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  1. SOGST85 says:

    very good review :) but what about a christian view point? :)

  2. Kingperrin1 says:

    Yeah Stephen i totally forgot to talk about some content in the game. That is what I get for writing a review in class :p There are some things you guys should be aware of with this game. There are alot of pictures hanging in the game either on calendars or billboards that have women that are scantily clothed. Now this isn’t very bad in fact when nerd rage plays the game we kinda laugh at them. There is a lot of swearing in the game so if you have sensitive ears this might be aproblem and you might want to stay away. Other than that I havn’t seen too much else in this game. In act II there is a catholic church that people are holding up in where a “Mother” is kind of in charge but they havnt yet made fun of the religion like lots of games will do by making them overzealous or stuff like that. I hope this answers your question Stephen.