iBomber Defense is a strong addition to the “Tower Defense” genre of gaming. iBomber is published by Chillingo and if I understand correctly is a port from the iPad/iPod platform. That being said, the game runs great on a PC, and the controls are very smooth and complement the game play very well.

The game takes place  during World War II with you playing the  “Allied” role of taking back Europe after Hitler and the Nazis have taken over. There is not a whole lot of innovation in the game play or mechanics, but there are several different turrets that help you with your goal of defending strategic spots from the enemy. The turrets are Machine Guns, Cannons, Sabotage, Anti-Aircraft Guns, and Communication Arrays.   Sabotage and Communication arrays although technical turrets function more as a support role.. Sabotage basically just slows down opponents while the comms upgrade other turrets in it range to shoot faster and farther.

One twist in this game that is different from other TD games is that after playing several levels there will be a bonus level where you are taken back to a previous level with all of the turrets you had when you finished that level. After an airstrike takes out some of your turrets you are given some money and then tons of enemies start coming in waves as usual. The difference in this bonus map is the intensity of the game increases exponentially. It really keeps you on your toes.

With 22 levels and 3 different difficulties this game has tons of game time wrapped into an incredibly cheap 5 dollar package. It is a great buy if you are a Tower Defense junky like myself, and it is a good grab if you are mildly interested in the genre.

Kingperrin1 On June - 18 - 2011

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  1. This game sounds cool. I’ve downloaded it and am going to give a whirl when I get a chance!!