The Monster Slayer is a new game just released yesterday the 9th by publisher and developer Dead Mage Studios. This game is an interesting mix of God of War like fighting mixed with Prince of Persia running and jumping. It is an overall fun experience with a couple elements that really drag down the game as a whole, but lets talk about the positive first.

The fighting in this game is very satisfying. As with all review games I played it on easy just for times sake and really enjoyed the act of hacking and slashing my way through the endless Goblins and other nasty looking creatures. There is basically two different types of attack fast and slow. As you level up your swordsmanship in the game you unlock different combos to dispatch enemies easier. There is also a block button but I never used it. I never really felt the need to block, however in higher difficulties I am sure it is needed.

The Prince of Persia aspect of this game happens in between intense battle scenes. It might look like scaling down a wall using your knife or jumping on planks of wood in the water to get across a lake of sorts. This section of the game would not be so bad if you had control of the camera. However, you are never in charge of the camera and there are several times when these spots get very frustrating because the camera angle makes it almost impossible to make the jump without first figuring out what buttons make you go what directions in the current camera angle, and most of the time this means you try and end up jumping in the wrong direction and having to make a mental adjustment  that pushing up means your actually moving up and right therefor to make the jump you must push up and left to go straight. Yes I know that was confusing, but I hope it gets my point across.

Another disappointing thing about this game is as much as I tried to change the resolution I could never find out how to do it. I think it might actually be impossible on this game to change the resolution which lead to a major problem while playing the game there was always a flickering box behind my health bar that was extremely annoying. This also lead to it being very hard for me to actually read directions and other hints that would come up on the screen as I was beginning the game.

Overall I would say it has been an entertaining game even though some parts of the game made me want to toss it out the window. You can grab it now on Steam on sale for $17. For me that is a little pricey, however if you are a Prince of Persia fan or God of War fan I would say it is a good grab. If your interested in the game I would wait for a Steam sale for it to go down to $15 dollars.


Edit – The story is alright I have not finished the game yet but it is basically so and so comes and kills your brother so you have to take revenge on him and secure the mace that has special powers.  Boss battles basically consist of normal combat to take down health and then once health is down you engage in a quick time even to finish them off.

Kingperrin1 On May - 10 - 2011

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  1. Are there any interesting Boss battles?

    How is the Story?

  2. Kingperrin1 says:

    I added some to the end of my review hope that answers your questions Curdle

  3. Jordan says:

    Hmmm, sounds interesting. Too bad it sounds like they might have failed a little bit with it, though. =/