Magicka was a game I was keeping a close eye on. It sounded like it would either be fun or it would fall flat on it’s face.

Magicka is one of those games that just doesn’t take itself seriously, however it does it in a very good way. By implementing funny humor, a “sim-ish” language, and m60s, this game is one of those games where every once in a while you just have to stop and laugh. From references to pop culture, to mowing down bad guys with a machine gun, this game always makes me giggle.

The first player mode in Magicka is interesting. You move with your mouse to move your wizard while using your keyboard to add elements to your spell bar to create different spells to help you on your way. This is a little weird and whenever I play I often find myself trying to move with wasd and ending up putting elements in my spell bar. However, after a couple minutes of game play you get used to it.

With the amount of elements and the amount of different ways to put them together you are always discovering new ways to blow things up, or sometimes you find new ways to stay alive longer. Either way, one thing I feel they need to implement is a spell book where I can go look at all the spells I have done so I can remember them all

Multi-player is really fun and I feel this is where the game shines. I feel the single player is way too hard and that the game was overall made to play with your friends. However, with that said multi-player is also very frustrating. There are times when your friend dies and you revive him but because of some problem he isn’t revived on his screen but he is on yours. This results in having to start the whole level over and can get really annoying.

The development team for this game has been pushing updates on this game ever since it game out but it still hasn’t addressed these issues with the multiplayer problems efficiently. The more serious I get into games the harder I get on issues with multiplayer parts of games. This is one of those games where MP is a major part of the game and I feel that if it is so frustrating that I can’t rightly tell people to rush out and get this game. I do like this game however, and I have had lots of fun playing with guys, but this game has made we “Rage Quit” more than once with odd problems that keep you from playing it.

I feel at $10 it is a game that you won’t be disappointed with unless you are like me and MP bugs really are your pet peeve. With that said though, they still might get those fixed and that would make me real happy.

Kingperrin1 On February - 21 - 2011

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  1. WiiR4Him says:

    I’m still getting used to using the mouse to move and using the keys to select spells. There is a book of the spells, if you go to the pause menu in the game and click on Magicks it will open a book of sorts that has all the spell you have found. And if you want to see the spells in game just roll the mouse wheel to scroll through the spells, they will show up under your spell bar.